fbme chat - All-in-One Automated Facebook Messaging Software.

Boost The Effectiveness of your Facebook Posts & Ads

Facebook, the #1 platform to reach and engage with prospects, fans and clientsIt’s no secret that Facebook messenger is taking over as the #1 platform businesses use to reach and engage with prospects, fans and clients.

If you look at the statistics, more and more business owners are moving their marketing into the Facebook messenger.

Businesses spend months and even years building Facebook business pages and running ads, trying to grow our brands and achieve omnipresence.

Time to face the truth, though. Achieving constant engagement is harder than ever before.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow not change a thing, but increase our engagement and results exponentially?

  • Message your entire FB page right inside their FB inbox using special triggers
  • Completely 100% Facebook compliant
  • Any replies are automatically responded to without typing a single word
  • Creates lifetime FB messenger leads
  • World’s first all-in-one FB messaging app – no coding knowledge required

fbme Chat Let’s You Send Facebook Personal Messages to Your Entire Facebook Page without Spending a Penny!

fbme Chat features
  • Use our simple message builder to set up a full message follow up series with special delays and triggers.
  • Never worry about manual one-by-one messaging again.
  • 100% inboxing and delivery rate, every message you send is read
  • Send special messages based on replies from prospects (detected automatically).
  • Connect to fbme Chat and let it sync to your FB pages & create "lifetime messenger leads" that you can contact forever!
  • Send a personal FB message to EVERYONE who has messaged your FB page with one click.
  • Send special messages including discounts, coupons, images, headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, external links & more!

A Facebook personal messaging funnel, despite being very profitable, are impossibly hard to set up without being a coder, So unless you are going to be doing your marketing manually and spending 5/6 hours a day typing out messages one by one...

fbme Chat Let’s You Send Facebook Personal Messages to Your Entire Facebook Page without Spending a Penny!

The Benefits of Marketing Inside the FB Messenger Are Officially IMPOSSIBLE to Ignore - Personal Interaction is KING

  • Leverage the communication techniques that get 100% inbox delivery rate
  • Notifications across mobile devices, tablets and the red message dot inside of FB
  • Engaging personalisation (call folks by their name, use the date, day of the week etc)
  • Instant personal one on one engagement with prospects sky-rockets conversions
  • Offer discounts, coupons, surveys and more inside a platform they truly TRUST

fbme Chat's Intuitive Drag & Drop Message Funnel Builder Making Profit-Pulling Automated Facebook Personal Messages Easy!

Intuitive Drag and Drop

With fbme Chat's brand new technology, you can build out your entire messaging follow-up sequence using our extremely user-friendly technology. We handle all the message coding for you, so you don’t have to type a single line of code!

It’s so easy, hand it over to a family member with no experience and watch them work their magic. It’s built to be the most easy to use platform on the market!

Even a complete newbie with no experience with Facebook marketing or software can set up their own profit-pulling automated Facebook messaging funnel in a few minutes.

Set up multiple messaging streams for multiple passive income streams – remember they’re automated once they’re set up!

The Simple 4 Step fbme Chat
Setup Process

fbmechat setup process

Select a Facebook Page

Select any of your Facebook pages to set up a messaging campaign on.

FeelSocial setup process

Create a New Automated Messaging Funnel

Create a new message with your custom optional features such as images, headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, external website links and more.

FeelSocial setup process

Set Your Trigger and Delay

Set your simple trigger for a message to be sent to your prospect. Do you want it to be sent when they message your page for the first time or when they use a certain keyword or phrase in their replies? How about multiple?

FeelSocial setup process

Create Unlimited Follow-Up Messages

Create an unlimited number of follow-up messages using your triggers. Want one message to be sent for one keyword, and another for a different keyword used in a prospect’s reply? Now you can!

Or Simply Just Send Out Broadcasts to Your Entire Facebook Page Right Inside Their FB Inboxes!

Remember, you’re building LIFETIME FB MESSENGER LEADS for the first time ever, that you can contact at ANY TIME with a click of a button

Without fbme Chat, you’d have to fork over your hard-earned money to money to a developer for each and every messaging campaign you want to run. Plus, you have to wait around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the developer to complete the coding process.

Take a moment - Check out  how easy it is to setup

Watch Me Set Up a Campaign From

Scratch In This Short Demo

fbme Chat is Here to Completely Change How Your Business Treats Your Fans and Prospects…

Convert Messages into Lifetime Fans & Customers

Automatically send a private message to everyone who ever sends your Facebook Page a message, and follow up!.

Set Up Once

Once you create a sequence for your messages, fmbe will constantly check for new messages and send your return messages for you.

Works with Dark, Hidden or Unpublished Posts

fmbe Chat is compatible with all post types.

Superior Engagement

Showing your fans that you really care, fmbe Chat lets you to communicate with real time, real personal interaction and create more trust.

Video Training & Support

Training to get you set up quickly and easily, but if you have any questions – I'm more than happy to answer and will within 24hrs.

Include Links in Your Messages

fmbe Chat includes fully clickable links for your business, that you can include alongside your text.

Unlimited Facebook Pages

You can use fmbe Chat on ALL of your Facebook pages.

fbme Chat - All-in-one Automated Facebook Messaging Software
  • Unlike ANY other Facebook messaging software ever released.
  • World’s first easy-to-use all-in-one FB messaging software.
  • Creates "lifetime FB messenger leads" that you can mass message 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Can send a message to thousands of FB prospects and reach them right inside their FB inbox with one click (goodbye manual one by one follow ups).
  • Set up automated follow up responses if a prospect replies (with new drag and drop technology).
  • Have an entire sales conversation without ever logging into FB using special triggers and delays.
  • Send them discount codes, coupons, surveys, FAQ answers, close high-ticket deals & more.
  • fbme Chat messages support images, headlines, call-to-action links and more!

Secure Your Prospects' Attention & Unlock FB Profits by Marketing to Them Inside of Their Own Facebook Inbox – Automatically…

fbme Chat Monthly

$37 Per Month
  • Free 7 Day Trial, Then 
  • $37/mo
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited  Messages a Month
  • Keyword Trigger Technology
  • Dynamic Personalization
  • Links Supported
fbme Chatfbmechat Basic

fbme Chat Yearly

$247 Per Year
  • Free 7 Day Trial, Then 
  • $247/year
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited  Messages a Month
  • Keyword Trigger Technology
  • Dynamic Personalization
  • Links Supported
fbme Chat Yearlyfbme Chat Yearly

fbme Chat Lifetime

$997 Lifetime
  • 12 Lifetime Licenses Available
  •  $997/ One Time Payment
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited  Messages a Month
  • Keyword Trigger Technology
  • Dynamic Personalization
  • Links Supported
fbme Chat Life Timefbme Chat Lifetime


  • Will fbme Chat work for me if I have a Mac?

    fbme Chat is cloud based. It will work on any operating system and is also completely mobile responsive. All you need is an internet connection!

  • How Much Does fbme Chat Cost?

    All our pricing information is on this page. You can also click here to be taken to the pricing information.

  • How Does Facebook View This?

    We’ve gotten approval from Facebook to perform every action inside of fbme Chat. However, do NOT abuse or use fbme Chat to spam or you will be removed from our platform immediately. We do not condone that kind of behavior and we are compliant with Facebook’s terms of service. We will not be held responsible for any spam/abuse and you will be removed.

  • Can I Personalize the Messages I Send with fbme Chat?

    Yes you can! fbme Chat’s Dynamic Personalization lets you customize any message with first or last name, full name, date or day of week.

  • I’m Worried fbme Chat Will Send The Same Message to the Same Person and Make Me Lose Credibility.

    fbme Chat’s Anti-Duplication technology recognizes commenters by username, so no one will get the same message twice

  • Is Training Included?

    Absolutely - a complete video knowledge base is included to walk you through every step of setting up and operating the software.